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Ohana Airlines

I created a brand identity for "Ohana Airlines". When creating the identity, I chose identity colors that reflect what customers want when traveling to Hawaii; paradise. The colors embody the idea of a sunset on the beach. A brightly colored orange sky on the blue ocean. The contrast in the orange and blue balances each other out and compliments each other.

When choosing typefaces, I chose the font Ave Fedan due to the easy going and free feel of this script typeface, which speaks to the purpose of travel to Hawaii being vacation and pleasure. It also relates to the logo as a whole, as it is blue and symbolizes the waves below the sunset symbol, which it relates well to because it’s shape expresses the movement of waves. I chose Microsoft Sans Serif for below that because it is the opposite of the script typeface and compliments it well.

Due to Hawaii being a vacation hub, I focused on branding in a way that speaks to vacationers. My logo shows a sunset in paradise, and advertisements speak to an array of vacationers, from relaxers to adventurers. 

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